Friday, April 9, 2010

North Dakota: Fort Berthold to Turtle Mountain to Spirit Lake

From War Paint Pilot Susie:

Today was a busy day in Belcourt, ND on Turtle Mountain Reservation. TRT was stationed at the grocery store parking lot and the wind was 30mph but some 350 persons came by to get information and find out when their forms would arrive. Since all the TV commercials are directed at urban addresses the reservations and rural folks have some confusion about how they will be counted.* The local Rez Radio announced our arrival and hours several times and everyone listens to their radio up here.

*The Update/Enumerate (U/E) operation is a method of data collection conducted in communities where many housing units may not have house number and street name mailing addresses. This method will be used on American Indian reservations, colonias (usually rural Spanish-speaking communities) and resort areas with high concentrations of seasonally vacant living quarters. The U/E enumerators canvass assignment areas to update residential addresses, including adding living quarters that were not included on the address listing pages, update Census Bureau maps and complete a questionnaire for each housing unit during the same visit

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