Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Census Workers Welcomed Warmly in MT

From War Paint Pilot Susie:

Today TRT visited Ft. Peck folks at Poplar, MT and yesterday Ft. Belknap and Rocky Boy. The door to door Census has started on these reservations and a few folks told us of their positive experience with the Census workers. One elder said they were at his house for 2 hours. We ask was there a problem? He said on no problem, I cooked a meal for them and we all visited! Several folks were concerned that they have not received the form. We assured them the count has begun and someone would be visiting them at their home soon with their Census form. One elder at Poplar told us she has lived in the same home since 1969 and has never before been counted in a U.S. Census. She was very proud to be counted this year.

Driving east in Montana the highway follows the railroad and a train painted the same color as War Paint sounded his whistle as we passed.

Thanks to Johnel Barcus and Elenore Yellow Robe the events in northern Montana have been very successful. We look forward to returning to southern Montana and Wyoming at the end of April.


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